Lets Build a Honda for the Track !!

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So we are taking a mostly stock 08 Honda CBR600RR (Race bodies and tires are the only upgrade) and we are going to make it a fun little track/race bike for Stockyards Cycles very own Troy "Gracie" Frost.  

Lets chat about this....


  • Robert Vlasak on

    So? BMC vs K&N?

  • Francois yang on

    This is a great topic! I have a 2009 cbr600rr. 09-12 models were restricted under timing retard.

    Here are my list so far

    2009 cbr600rr build

    Woodcraft engine covers
    Vortex rearsets
    Vortex clip on’s
    Armour bodies
    Galfers stainless steel
    Full exhaust mid pipe cut
    Motion pro rev2
    K&n filter
    Vortex v3 gas cap
    Vortex sprocket front
    Vortex rear
    RK chain
    Annitori QS pro
    Power commander V
    GPR V2 stabilizer
    Bazazz zbomb

    I will soon be purchasing more items off stockyard sales cycle because I support my locals here who supports me.

    I would love to learn more on data with you guys and setup my Honda here for MN. Geometry is mainly what I would want to know, secondly our biggest pro and con on mechanical parts, I’ll give more feedbacks from other Honda riders here.

  • Robert Vlasak on

    Parts list so far….
    Bazzaz Z-Fi TC traction + qs + fuel [#T348]
    BMC HiFlo Air filter
    Woodcraft Ignition bypass
    complete service plugs and all fluids
    exhaust to be determined…

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