The Website Comes to Life, Two Friends Share their Passion for Riding Fast

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MTR Cycles formerly Stockyards Cycles started out as a way for Rob (CCS #320) to sell parts to Sean (CCS #312) and their other friends. When Rob was working as the General Manager of Yamaha of Chicago, Sean approached him to get insurance referrals. The idea was simple, when someone bought a bike from Rob and needed insurance, he would give them Sean's card and maybe they would call his State Farm agency in Chicago. (

Over time, the two guys stayed in touch and ended up meeting at the track. Sean had been heading out to the track casually since around 2000 and Rob had never been. Quite separately at first, Sean started his season as normal and Rob consulted 20 different people, forums, Reddit, and anywhere he could to figure out how to get onto the track with his wicked new 2015 R1. For those of you that have done it, you know how confusing it is to try to get out there alone. You need a trailer, stands, gear, all kinds of things. Look for our upcoming guide to getting on the track for the first time.

Once at the track together, Sean and Rob became fast friends and a natural team. Mid-season they went off to get their race licenses and entered their first race. If you follow the Championship Cup Series at all, you may remember their first race. It was the one at Autobahn where the two amateurs were nervous and excited and headed out way too early. After finishing their warm up lap, no one else was there, so they went around for another warm up lap It turns out that this is not supposed to be done. In the end, Sean high sided out from third place in a wet patch and Rob finished his first race unscathed.

A season spent together with friends at the racetrack sitting around the fire at night, battling mosquitos, gridding up and racing, fixing crashed bikes, and loading the trailer back up at the end of everything bonded the guys closely and kept them extremely busy. Monday through thursday were for work and Friday through Sunday was for the pursuit of glory on the battlefield of the Midwest Regional Motorcycle Racetracks.

Once winter came, cabin fever set in fast. Rob decided that instead of taking time to "Netflix and Chill" with his girlfriend, he would open a motorcycle parts and accessory store in Villa Park. The store, located right by MCC is quickly filling up and will open in the spring. The website though has come much further. Rob was able to secure arrangements with basically every major motorcycle parts and accessories manufacturer that there is, build an amazing online retail space, and has started a brand ambassador program. Rob is working super hard to make MTR Cycles the first and best place to buy all your parts and accessories. While MTR is still in its infancy, it already seems way more modern and professional than most of the random motorcycle businesses that exist on the web. (No offense guys)

Winter will be over soon. Once March hits, the guys will be in the full swing of racing season and back out on tracks all over the country. Rob plans to strive for victory in the CCS Formula 40 and Sean plans to compete in a variety of middlewight classes. Expect to see them around the track and make sure that you ask Rob about his Racer Support Program and for any parts or gear that you need.

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