Vesrah JL Sport pads

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Sintered Metal Pad consists of Copper over 50%-60% in whole raw  material, and carbon, ceramic, tin, abrasives included in metal pad.

Iron back plate for metal pad is plated by copper to make better welding with friction material.

Temperature for welding is 1200-1500F degree under pressure.

Features and Benefits:

  • These pads offer increased braking power with very linear performance and long life.
  • These are highly recommended for anyone riding on the race track.
  • The Vesrah RJL brake pads are the club racers favorite.
  • Strong initial bite, long life and easy to modulate.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Brake Pads are sold as a pair. Each caliper requires one pair. If your bike has two calipers be sure to order QUANTITY 2..
  • The Vesrah RJL works in wet, dry, hot or cold conditions.
  • These work for trackdays, racing and aggressive street riding.
  • Perfect for those who do trackdays and street riding with the same bik

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